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Mon travail

"La façon dont j'enseigne est à la carte"

Au fil des ans et des étudiants avec lesquels j'ai travaillé,

j'ai appris une façon unique de communiquer avec chacun de mes élèves.

 En partageant mon amour de la langue et de la culture avec eux,

je rends l'apprentissage du Français aussi naturel et amusant que possible.

Apprendre ne devrait pas être une corvée,

qu'il s'agisse de passer un examen avec succès, que ce soit pour le travail ou pour s' amuser,

cela devrait ressembler à un passe-temps.

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"I have worked with Aurore for over seven years and her knowledge and abilities have easily made her the best person I have ever worked with when it comes to French.  In elementary school, even before I started taking French through school, she worked with my sister and I, giving us the basics of the language in an easy to understand and fun way, inspiring me to take French through my three years of middle school and four years of high school.  All throughout those seven years of school Aurore worked with me on any assignment I needed help with, able to explain concepts in a way that was often easier for me to understand in comparison to the methods used in the classroom.  Even as a college student, Aurore has been able to help me through classes I take that involve translation, as helpful and understanding as she was when we worked together in grade school.  I would absolutely recommend Aurore to anyone in grade school or beyond who is looking to improve their French with a kind, loving, and experienced teacher."

Austin R, Summit NJ

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"Studying French with Aurore not only helped me to do better in the classroom, but it also taught me to love French; the language and the culture. While she is very effective at teaching the more difficult parts of the language, like grammar and verb tenses, I was also able to learn so much through conversation with her. Aurore always has something interesting to say or add, so practicing your French with her, as much of a beginner as you may be, never feels like a chore. My conversational skills improved with Aurore more than in French class or by any other means I had tried, and it’s because she’s a great teacher who also makes the learning process fun."

Margeaux M

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