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"Aurore has worked with my daughters from kindergarten through high school.  My oldest is preparing for the  AP exam with Aurore, independent from her school.  Aurore has helped my girls learn and maintain French, which is essential since my husband's family all live in France. She teaches French in a way that kids look forward to learning and speaking the language."

Myla Lemée

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"Aurore worked with my son for a year.  Although James loved French, he had a very difficult teaching situation.  Aurore helped James navigate through the year by supplementing his lessons with additional teachings that helped make things more clear and understandable for James.  She helped James enjoy the language so much more by boosting his confidence and giving him core foundations to build on.  Aurore is always flexible with her schedule and is a pleasure to work with.  Thank you Aurore!"

Kelly Bunting

"Aurore is an amazingly caring and effective French tutor.  Ben always enjoyed working with her even at the end of a long day because of her positive energy and creative approaches to teaching French.  And the proof is in the pudding - his French grades went up and stayed up!" 

Christine Gottesman

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“Aurore has a miraculous ability to make my kids fall in love with learning French.  French classes with Aurore never feel like a chore or an academic obligation for my kids, even when they are working on assignments for school.  Seeing Aurore is a highlight of their weekly routines."

Karen F

"Aurore has a real gift with children. We had to keep a good level of French to be able to join an international school when we moved back to France after 5 years of expatriation in NJ, USA. She has a way to teach and adapt to each kid that is unique. The children looked forward to learn with her and she found ways to educate even the most reluctant one. 

We followed the CNED program with her and it was a success as both of our children were able to join the school. Thank you Aurore!"

Andélise F

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