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Tutoring Services for students

Non -Natives
Online Tutorial
Adult Students


Gain Academic Confidence

Is your child is struggling with French in school?

I can help improve their grades and show them that French can be fun.

Test Prep

Empowering Students

I identify the areas to focus on and strategize so that the students can take any test in French with confidence.


Overcome Learning Challenges

I offer a comprehensive and collaborative approach by creating a plan and program that is right for every student. I adjust to different personalities and specific academic needs.

French Natives

Lessons for Adults

Business handshake
Kites in the Sky

Planning on moving back to France?

No worries. All the tools are at our disposal. We will set up a plan to help you ease back into the French school system.

Bilingual family?

Make French an equal part of your family dynamics

Together we can make French English's equal in your home.  Kids will immerse in the culture, the history and the literature.

Arch of Triumph
Family in the Kitchen

Tutoring Services for Multicultural, French Speaking Families and Expatriate Families


For work

Brush up on your French or learn from scratch.

Through conversations and the many tools available. we can set up a plan together and decide what will work best for you and your busy schedule.

French as a hobby

Some take piano lessons; others choose French.

Learn a new language and get familiar with its culture.

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